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Best Non-Slip Boating Shoes

Boating shoes have been used while traveling on boats and as a comfortable casual dress shoe for many years. They are made with leather uppers which are treated with a protective oil that is water repellent so that they do not become easily damaged. The soles of boat shoes are made from non-skid rubber so that they can be worn while working on the slippery surfaces of a boat without concern. Boat shoes are easy to slip in and out of quickly, which has made them popular even amongst land-lovers. To find the best non-slip boating shoes, you will have to shop around, compare prices, and consider your own personal preferences.
Since boat shoes are protective in a way, preventing you from slipping on deck, it is important that you have a reliable pair of deck shoes that will not let you down. You also want them to be comfortable so that you can wear them all day without blistering or straining your feet. When you go shopping for boating shoes, be sure to inspect the soles and outsoles thoroughly. They should have plenty of traction that will not wear out quickly. Also, be sure that the shoes are water resistant. Some deck shoes are made more for fashion than utility and as a result may not be coated with water-proofing agents.
Many people wear their boat shoes without socks; if you plan on doing so, make sure that the fabric they are made from is breathable and will not trap moisture. You want to avoid getting athlete’s foot or other fungal infections because of built up moisture in your shoes. In addition, since your boating shoes are sure to get wet rather often, you will want shoes with rust proof eyelets. 
You can shop for boating shoes in local stores and online. Some popular brands include Henri Lloyd, Dunbarry, Sharx, and Orca Bay. By comparing styles and quality, you will be able to find the best non-slip boating shoes for you.

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